Managed Services

Increasing technology complexity combined with the pressure from senior management to deliver new business applications faster and cheaper has created strong demand for managed services. Hosted Developments uses its breadth of expertise to deliver a range of customisable services to customers. These range from the completely hosted managed service to managing systems located within an organisation’s data centre or the targeted delivery of key services, such as infrastructure implementation, to fill a gap in internal resources.

Hosted Developments provides complete managed services solutions which includes data centre support and maintenance for both private and public sector organisations, encompassing a full range of services. Examples include the delivery of remotely managed, highly available firewall services and the design and implementation of system monitoring platforms to provide proactive and reactive infrastructure monitoring.

In addition, Hosted Developments personnel have undertaken technical project management roles in a number of organisations, overseeing the design and implementation of new applications by cross-organisational development teams.

Underpinning Hosted Developments managed services philosophy is a commitment to meet customers evolving business needs quickly and efficiently, whilst using just the right amount of process for the task in hand. From implementing a new server to overseeing a software upgrade, the service is efficient and responsive, reflecting the demands of these business critical applications.

Specialist areas include:

  • Technical project management
  • Remote systems monitoring
  • Data centre management – both co-location and internal
  • Highly available firewall services
  • Security services
  • Performance management
  • Storage management